Lonnie g

has been performing and playing since the mid 1960's as both a frontman lead singer and later as a bass player. he was the founding member of canada's premier ZZTOP tribute, tres hombres, that toured

throughout the USA, Canada and Europe from 1984 - 2011.

  he is now embarking on a new project creating "the boss" live with a 10 piece band of extraordinary musicianship.

stewaRT MCLELLAN has spent the last forty years with the guitar. He’s studied all guitar styles, run a full-time instructional studio, attended the University of Victoria and spent countless hours on the road in rock and country outfits. An in demand hired gun through the south island, he’s been busy completing work on a studio album, alongside creating music for other artists, film and television.”

scott sutherland

One of victoria's finest rockers, Scott hails from back east in the Hard rock country of scarborough, ontario, a suburb of "the big smoke". He's been rockin' for decades and is quite the musical savant. he can rip it, he can be melodic...has chops and taste. drive a wicked hack, too.

Paul Wainwright is a freelance saxophonist, vocalist and producer from Victoria, Canada.


His group of many years the Big Band Trio performed concert and festival dates including the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival, the Las Vegas Jazz Festival, Victoria, Vancouver, Palm Springs and many others. Their four cd releases received world wide airplay. In addition, they were cast in numerous film and television roles. They were in the original cast of The Spectacular Days of Radio a Radio City Music Hall production which headlined at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.


Paul has performed with many great artists including Michael Bublé, Kenny Loggins, Stevie Nicks and Donny Walsh. 


Ashley wey Pianist, composer and singer Ashley Wey is a multi-faceted artist, who is highly regarded for both her playing and her writing. As a sideman, Ashley has performed with 2006 Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila, Juno Award-winning Brandi Distrehaft, Mae Moore, The Parachute Club as well as toured on cruise ships around the world with four-time Grammy Award winner, Manny Kellough.

Charlie Fox has been playing keyboards and singing since the 1970s, and has toured throughout Canada playing various styles of music.  Charlie maintains a special love of the Hammond organ, and although he can be found playing all kinds of synthesizers and pianos, the organ remains the anchor of his sound.


is a versatile musician, equally comfortable playing bass in a Celtic Rock band, dancing and singing back up vocals in a Funk band, playing stand up bass in a bluegrass band or fronting her own project, “Sweet Potato Brown and the Troublemakers”.  she makes a perfect patti scialfa to lonnie's "bruce" and also adds some additional harmonica

SHELDON BORDAL has been involved with music from a young age. He has recorded, toured, and performed with a variety of acts ranging from Rock, Country, Folk, Alternative, Pop, Classic Rock and Jazz Fusion. He has shared the stage with many local and major touring acts. As a bassist, Sheldon brings a solid musical sensibility and pragmatism, grounding the mix with depth and great tone.

ALEX CAMPBELL,  AT THE AGE OF 12, HAD HIS FIRST “BAND PRACTICE” THE DAY BEFORE HIS FIRST DRUM LESSON... Always a step ahead, Alex performs in numerous groups, and has been playing professionally since 2011. After studying at the prestigious Humber College in Toronto, he returns to the West Coast with an enriched love for music, and passion for all things percussion. He has toured extensively throughout Canada, and recorded and performed with several artists including the invented instrument ensemble Scrap Arts Music. As a drummer, Alex is known above all else for his musicianship and musicality behind the kit. He has worked in many genres, and always strives to put the song, and the music, first.

brad hawkes

is one of victoria's busiest percussionists laying down the grooves in genres from country to blues, latin to rock



let the games begin

1. Badlands

2. prove it all night


4. i'm goin' down

5. cover me

6. tougher than the rest

7. no surrender

8. Atlantic city

9. glory days

10. the river

11. human touch

12. cadillac ranch

13. the rising

MELLOW down easy

14. i'm on fire

15. my hometown

16. fire

17. thunder road

ROCKIN' 'til the end

18. rosalita

19. bobby jean

20. 10th avenue freezeout

21. dancing in the dark

22. hungry heart

23. born to run